A painfully frank portrait of 22-year-old Jason as he undergoes trauma therapy.

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My Parents Are Divorced

When everything that was familiar and safe suddenly changes because of a divorce... how do you survive that and tell your parents that you want to love both and not choose?

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Alone Against The State

Five mothers who became victims of the Dutch childcare benefits scandal share the chilling stories of how their lives and that of their children were destroyed by a state system deprived of humanity.

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Backlight: Perfect Me

Living up to the prevalent beauty ideal has many advantages, not just in the dating market but also when looking for a job, accommodation and a network. But who decides what is beautiful?

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Skies Above Hebron

Brothers Amer & Anas simply love pigeons. The birds fly freely, but the brothers are continuously watched by Israeli settlers and soldiers from the rooftop posts.

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