Skies Above Hebron

Brothers Amer & Anas simply love pigeons. The birds fly freely, but the brothers are continuously watched by Israeli settlers and soldiers from the rooftop posts.

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In the four-part documentary series INFECTED, scientists search for answers to vitally important questions about healthcare and disease control.


Farewell Paradise

Four sisters and their mother suddenly have to leave their paradise-like family life in the free and prosperous Bahamas of the 1960s, to end up in frugal and narrow-minded Switzerland. What happened exactly?

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In Europe 2019/2020

Can you recognize history when you’re in the middle of it? In 18 new documentaries, we unravel the last 20 years of European history.

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Truus' Children

Before and during WWII, the Dutch war hero Truus Wijsmuller saved the lives of thousands of mainly Jewish children.

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Dance or Die

What is the price the Syrian dancer Ahmad pays for his flight to the Netherlands, where he can dance in apparent freedom as guest of the National Ballet?

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In the series Masterpiece, a team of experts reveal the untold mysteries and surprising techniques behind some of the world’s most famous paintings.

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Daddy's Day

Daddy's Day is a tragicomic series about six totally different men and their struggles with modern parenthood.

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