Dark Green

The solo expedition of adventurer Paul Rosolie into the Amazon rainforest teaches him how to reconnect with the last remaining wilderness on earth.

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Backlight: ASML's Secret

The company ASML makes the most advanced machine in the world: the lithography machine for making computer chips. What is the secret of ASML, and who are the people who built this wonderful machine?

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The International Emmy-winning series KABAM! is all about common childhood fears and shows in a light-hearted way that there's a solution to anything.

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Lazy Duck

What happens when the government decides to prosecute you and you have to plea for your own innocence without having the evidence?

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Inside My Heart

Reality and fiction merge in this film about – and featuring – professional actors with intellectual disabilities.

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We Built the Stadiums

This year, Qatar is home to the 2022 FIFA World Cup. However, the state of the art stadiums are built by migrant workers, often under terrible circumstances.

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Dutch CORE brings a high quality selection of Dutch and Flemish programs available for TV-channels and other media services around the world. As the international sales company for the NPO, the umbrella organization of Dutch Public TV, we represent all Public Broadcasters of the Netherlands. We also act as a sales agent for a growing number of Dutch independent producers and the VRT, the Flemish Public Broadcasting system. We specialize in sales and pre-sales of documentaries, drama series and youth programmes. Programmes are presented to international buyers at the major festivals and media content markets around the world. We would love to meet you there!

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