23 December 2019

2019 in Review

It has been an very exciting year for us. We officially became Dutch CORE Media! Now an independent coorporation, we negotiate/design/screen/travel the world even more to bring you the best content from the Dutch public broadcasting stations and independent producers. Our new team is even more excited to announce the top 3 titles from last year.

The documentary Dance or Die from journalist and director Roozbeh Kaboly went global this year. The film was acquired by broadcasters in Sweden, Spain, Israel and Finland. Companies from Hong Kong, Slovenia, Germany and Belgium were also very interested to see the moving journey of the Syrian dancer. Besides a Rose D’Or nomination, Dance or Die won the Social Movers Award and the International Emmy Award in the category Arts Programming.

The icy landscapes of Backlight: Scramble for the North Pole chilled viewers in Switzerland, Hong Kong, Spain and Poland. These country's might be joined by Qatar, Japan, Korea and the USA, who were also curious to see how the race for newly exposed raw materials would end.

Covering a 'hot' topic, the Belgian Pano: Youth for Climate captivated broadcasters in Estonia, Poland and Sweden. The battle against climate injustice also sparked interest in Qatar, Spain, Japan and Canada. Earlier this year, activist Greta Thunberg was nominated for the Nobel Peace prize.

Wishing you happy holidays and looking forward to catch up in 2020!