01 October 2018

Alicia wins Best TV Documentary at Prix Italia 2018

We are very proud to announce that Alicia has won the Best TV Documentary Award at the Prix Italia 2018

"The award for best TV documentary Prix Italia 2018 was chosen by the jury unanimously. The winner is the Dutch documentary « Alicia » - made by the excellent one woman-team Maasja Ooms, co-produced by VPRO Television. The film « Alicia » is not only a powerful portrait of a young girl drifting from foster family care to life in institutions. It’s also a portrait of a system that is not working, social heritage and lack of love. A sensitive subject treated with warm compassion without judging the absent mother or the social workers. The documentary shows excellence in all aspects of filmmaking: best directing, best camera work, best storytelling and best editing. It’s beautifully put together with emotional breaks to help the audience breath, and reflect. It punches us in the stomach with a message we never will forget. The prize doesn’t only go to the filmmaker - we also want to dedicate it to Alicia herself for sharing her life with us. Thank you! " - Jury of Prix Italia 2018

ALICIA is about a one year old girl when she is removed from her home. Via a foster family she is placed into a children’s care home when she is five. By the time she is nine, she is still there, awaiting placement with a new family. This is when the documentary ALICIA starts. 

For more information about ALICIA Please click here.