23 November 2018

But Now Is Perfect wins IDFA Special Jury Award

Carin Goeijers received the IDFA Special Jury Award for Dutch Documentary for But Now is Perfect.

But now is Perfect takes place in Riace, a small, southern Italian mountain village. For years, Riace was deserted until the mayor invited immigrants. A new society emerged, and new friendships were made. But due political shifts, the regional government stopped the flow of money to the village. Gradually, there is chaos and uncertainty among the residents. Among this chaos we get to learn the Nigerian Becky who leaves Riace in despair and ends up in an illegal camp, which she does not survive. This leaves her fellow villagers in grief. The film shows human interactions in a small village and tells a poetic story about hope, faith and documents.

If you would like to know more about But Now Is Perfect, click here.