11 February 2021

European Deals

Although our colleagues are working from home, our documentaries are free to travel Europe!
Image: Cold Case
Image: Cold Case (VRT)

In Austria, the audience discovers the truth about the Brexit campaign in the In Europe documentary Brexit: In or Out (VPRO), acquired by the public broadcaster ORF .

Meanwhile, viewers in France will be at the edge of their seats while watching Cold Case: The Disappearance of Britta Cloetens (VRT). Thanks to our French agent IPL, Planète + Crime Investigation delved into this thrilling cold case from Belgium.

The German broadcaster Deutsche Welle Transtel decided to go green with 3 Backlights (VPRO). The documentaries Regreening the Planet, Digital Food and The Rise of Digital Farming revolve around sustainability and food, two topics that remain relevant today.

In Italy, ADR DISTRIBUTION srls made a bold choice with Mother’s Balls (Blackframe/NTR). Mother’s Balls portrays Amber Vineyard, founder of the first Dutch ballroom house ‘House of Vineyard’.

And last but not least, our new Italian agent Lilium Distribution sealed the deal with the commercial channel La7 for Backlight: The Big Data Robbery (VPRO). In this documentary, Harvard professor Shoshana Zuboff warns us about the dangers of the digital economy. Welcome to the team, Lilium Distribution!