26 November 2019

International Emmy Award for Dance or Die

We congratulate the team of Dance or Die on winning an International Emmy Award! The wonderful documentary was nominated in the category Arts Programming.

Dance or die is the motto of Syrian dancer Ahmad Joudeh, tattooed in his neck. It's his answer to the threats he received from IS. The documentary invites us on Ahmad's amazing journey. In his war-torn hometown Damascus he teaches kids and secretly dances between the ruins for the souls that are lost. But in Syria, his passion becomes impossible to practise. However, his talent and perseverance doesn't go unnoticed. Ted Brandsen, director of the National Ballet in Amsterdam, invites him to come to the Netherlands. Soon he gains international recognition and performs alongside his heroes. 

Throughout the film, Ahmad is heartbreakingly honest. About his struggles to support his family in Syria, the rejection of his father and the physical and mental strain he experiences. But in the end, his dream came true: he has the freedom to dance. 

Click here to screen Dance or Die.