05 February 2019

Just Kids: #Bullyingstory will be screened at the Berlin International Film Festival

We are very happy to announce that #Bullyingstory has been selected to be screened in the Generation Kplus competition of the 69th Berlin International Film Festival. The festival will take place from February 7th-17th, 2019.

Just Kids #Bullyingstory is about Rosalie (13) who has been a victim of bullying, online and in real life. Even today she still struggles with the consequences: she has no friends and finds it hard to trust her peers. She is not even safe in her own bedroom for the bullying, she received messages like: “you are worthless” and “go to hell filthy bitch”. In this movie we go on an online journey, together with Rosalie, to find the help she needs. Would the internet be able to change from being her worst enemy to a friend?

For more information about Just Kids: #Bullyingstory, please click here.