16 April 2018

Succesful MIPTV market

NPO Sales has had a busy and succesful MIPTV market in Cannes.

It was lovely being back in Cannes for the MIPTV.  The normally sunny Cannes was now coverd with heavy rain but luckily we brought enough NPO umbrella's to hand out. We had a busy schedule and the meetings in Palais des Festival where again a real pleasure. The Backlight titles about technology en innovation  (Coding Life/Humans, Gods & Technology/The Immortals)  where very popluair among our clients. The documentary 'Deaf Child' has been sold to both VRT (Belgium) and UR (Sweden). We are also very proud that the travel series  'Though the Heart of China' will be aired in Hong Kong (RTHK).  Overall a very fruitfull market.