28 September 2018

Two Emmy nominees !

We are very proud to announce that 'Etgar Keret: Based On A True Story' and  'Puck's World  ' have been selected for this years Emmy Awards.
The Emmy Awards take place on November 19 in New York.
'Etgar Keret: Based On A True Story'  is a documentary about the Israeli writer called Etgar Keret. Peoplefrom all over the world have come to love  his surreal short stories and his hilarious live performances.
For more information about 'Etgar Keret: Based On A True Story ' click here.

'Puck's world'  is about filmmaker Gert-Jan de Vries who has been filming his family for over 20 years. When their daughter Puck is born, they get an eerie feeling. Nine months later they finally consult a paediatrician: Puck is severely handicapped.
For more information about 'Puck's World ' click here.