Backlight: Negotiator In Times Of War

“Negotiator in Times of War” shows the hectic life of UN Special Representative for Lebanon Sigrid Kaag during her mission in Lebanon. More...

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The civil war in Syria is entering its fifth year. The number of refugees leaving hearth and home is taking on unparalleled proportions. In Europe the call for closing the borders is heard and politicians are more and more calling for reception in the region, but what does this actually mean?

VPRO Backlight went to neighbouring Lebanon, where 1 in 4 inhabitants is refugee now. There we followed UN Special Representative for Lebanon, Sigrid Kaag, who is faced with an enormous challenge. How do the Lebanese deal with this influx of new inhabitants? And what impact does the large number of refugees have on the already precarious balance in the region?

“If Lebanon falls, because the burden becomes too heavy, says Kaag, then Europe has a far bigger problem. In this world everything is connected, everything is global. It’s all about shared opportunities and shared security and a better future for all. In the end that is also in Europe’s best interest”

“Negotiator in Times of War” shows the hectic life of Sigrid Kaag during her mission in Lebanon and follows her around from the Northern border with Syria to the most Southern border with Israel.

Shuchen Tan

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