Daniele Gatti: Overture To A Conductor

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An insightful portrait of the Milanese conductor Daniele Gatti. More...

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Film maker Carmen Cobos (Imperfect Harmony, NELSONS N˚5) presents an insightful portrait of the Milanese conductor Daniele Gatti. The Italian will be taking up the position of the Seventh Maestro of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Amsterdam (RCO).

In DANIELE GATTI - Overture to a Conductor she paints an evocative picture of Gatti's youth and musical development. During rehearsals for the opening of the new season of the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam we meet Gatti as inspired conductor and artist.

The scenes of rehearsals are interspersed with interviews in which the Italian talks about his origins and how his parents encouraged his love for music. His talent and ambition brought him to leave the Milanese suburb where he grew up to embark on the long road to the top of the music world.

The film portrays him passionately rehearsing with the 100 extremely talented musicians of the RCO and shows an idiosyncratic Gatti who believes that the only one whoreally matters is the composer: "…he closer a conductor sticks to the score the greater justice he does to the composer…"

Carmen Cobos
Cobos Films

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