Flying Anne

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Anne is 11 years old and acts crazy all day. She has the syndrome of Gilles de la Tourette. More...

Documentary - Human Interest & Society


Best Short Documentary Visions du RĂ©el
Audience Award Short Film IFFBoston
Best Short Documentary Hot Docs, Canada

Eleven-year-old Anne is a beautiful girl. The kind of girl you can’t take your eyes off. And the longer you look, the more you see her ‘tics’. Anne suffers from Gilles de la Tourette’s syndrome. This makes her body do things she doesn’t want, such as suddenly spinning around or licking everything. Anne sometimes finds it hard to cope with her illness, especially in school. She’s afraid that others will bully her or laugh at her. Anne therefore tries to keep her tics in check, although that isn’t easy. She prefers ‘flying’ through life, so you won’t notice anything. When flying, she’s at her best. The youth documentary FLYING ANNE shows how Anne lives life with her tics. Tics that, in the end, she doesn’t want to lose either...

Zuidenwind Film Productions

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