In the series Masterpiece, a team of experts reveal the untold mysteries and surprising techniques behind some of the world’s most famous paintings in order to recreate them.
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Jeremiah - Rembrandt van Rijn

Rembrandt van Rijn made the painting 'Jeremiah' at the age of 24. More...
New York Festivals TV & Film Award

Rembrandt van Rijn made the painting "Jeremiah" at the age of 24. It’s an incredibly
complex painting in which all his talent comes together: The enchanting effect between
sketchy finish and the small detail. But also the expression of all the different materials such
as velvet, metal, red coral and rock. Team member Michel van de Laar has restored
Rembrandt’s work in the past and discovered that there is something special hidden in the
paint: A hair by Rembrandt. Also in the reconstruction, a hair will be put back. And not just  any hair: an exciting search leads to a descendant of Rembrandt.

Marc Pos

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