Planet Finance

Planet Finance does not offer investment tips, nor is it a crusade against bankers or the wealthiest 1%. It simply looks behind the shiny scenes of the big bucks.
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Documentary - Science & Technology


Episode 1: The Nature of the Beast

From zero to a trillion: how the financial market was created. More...

For most people, Planet Finance is a complex, influential world that only becomes visible when financial markets crash. During the COVID pandemic, share prices soon shot up again on Planet Finance even though people on Planet Earth were still cleaning up the mess. A bigger contrast was hardly conceivable. But how did this market come about? Interviews with the founder of the market in oil futures, one of the first traders, and a neuropsychologist who coaches stockbrokers and hedge fund managers in making high-risk decisions, shed a light on how Planet
Finance grew into what it is today.

Marije Meerman

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