Planet Finance

Planet Finance does not offer investment tips, nor is it a crusade against bankers or the wealthiest 1%. It simply looks behind the shiny scenes of the big bucks.
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Documentary - Science & Technology


Episode 3: Fortune Hunters

About the appeal of Planet Finance to individual investors More...

Planet Finance is a mostly undiscovered, adventurous and appealing world to many individual investors. Japanese banks have paid no interest on savings for decades. So the threshold for going onto the currency exchange market is low there. The 1.5 million Japanese individuals in this market, collectively known as ‘Mrs. Watanabe’, are a well-known phenomenon inside the shiny towers of Planet Finance. The thing is, in the currency exchange market the value of one currency always goes up or down at the cost of another. Where one person gains, by definition another must lose. It’s a ‘zero sum game’. Who wins when
you lose?

Marije Meerman

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