Rail Away

Rail Away is a series about remarkable railways around the world. With the train acting as a guide, we traverse by a number of special locations.

Documentary - History, Human Interest & Society , Travel & Adventure

55 x 25

NEW Germany: Freiburg – Titisee - Donaueschingen

Across the ‘Tuscany of Germany’ to the Donau. More...

“Across the ‘Tuscany of Germany’ to the Donau”

In this summery episode of Rail Away we travel trough the southwest of Germany. This region has a very sunny climate and is known as the ‘Tuscany of Germany’. We begin in the Schwarzwald, an area that is known because of the cockoo clock and the Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, but also because of the beautiful railways.

We start in the city of Freiburg - where our fellow countryman Erasmus lived for a few years – and we get into the train on the station of Freiburg for our journey to Donaueschingen. We travel through the southwest part of Baden-Württemberg, that neighbourgs to Switserland and France. The railway goes over the Höllentalbahn, litarally the valley of hell. And this is while we pass stations with sweet names like Himmelreich. It is the steepest railway of the German main route.

In Titisee-Neustadt we take a short excursion with the Dreiseenbahn, that leads us -like the name says- among three lakes.

After that we resume our journey to the direction of Donaueschingen. We get out of the train in a large open air museum about the traditions and the farmlife in the Schwarzwald.

Gerben van Ommen, Joanne Brouwer
Joanne Brouwer, Gerben van Ommen
55 x 25

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