Rail Away

Rail Away is a series about remarkable railways around the world. With the train acting as a guide, we traverse by a number of special locations.

Documentary - History, Human Interest & Society , Travel & Adventure

55 x 25

NEW Italy: Rovereto – Trento - Borgo Valsugana

In summer mood among lakes and castles into the mountains. More...

“In summer mood among lakes and castles into the mountains”

The Italian region Trentino is situated between the blue Garda lake and the impressive Dolomites. We start our journey at the Garda lake and after that we travel from Rovereto via the main city Trento among castles and lakes to Brogo Valsugana.

Riva del Garda is located at the north side of lake Garda, the biggest lake of Italy. In Riva del Garda you can taste the summer vibe of the Italian lakes. A long time ago the train departed from here, but not anymore. To get on the train you have to go to the nearby city of Rovereto. From there we start our journey. This part of Italy was heavily hit by the two World Wars, especially the First World War. In the hills around the city a lot of Italian and Austrian soldiers lost their lives. To remember their sacrifices here is a big bell that they ring every night 100 times. You can hear the sound of the bell all through the valley. 

Aas of the station Rovereto we take the train to Trento, where we bring a short visit to the city. In Trento we get into one of the colourful trains of the Trentino Trasporti and we go east into the valley. It is a journey among georgious - più belli – villages, lakes and castles. Our final destination in this episode is the city of Borgi Valsugana.

Gerben van Ommen, Joanne Brouwer
Joanne Brouwer, Gerben van Ommen
55 x 25

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