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Rail Away is a series about remarkable railways around the world. With the train acting as a guide, we traverse by a number of special locations.

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NEW France: Ligne des Hirondelles: Dole – Saint-Claude

Praise on slowness. More...

“Praise on slowness”

In this episode we make a journey trough the French jura during the fall, we travel with the Ligne des Hirondelles from Dole to Saint-Claude. Remarkeble for this route are the many high viaducts. We will get great views. It is a journey over spacious areas, through mountaines, among lakes and rivers, through cities, villages, meadows, vineyards and forests.

Many Rail Away viewers told us about “La Ligne des Hirondelles”, a railway on one hour and a half distance of Paris. It is one of the most beautiful railways of France.

The towering buildings are very impressive, we pass 36 tunnels and 21 viaducts on this 120 kilometre long railway.

The station in Dole is the start of our journey through the French Jura to the southern city Saint-Claude, located in the naturepark of the Haut-Jura. The episode starts in this town, the city of birth of Louis Pasteur. This man invented pasteurization and a virus vaccin against rabies.

The abbey of Baume-les-Messieurs, the salt mines of Salins-les-Bains very high located Château-Chalon, make sure that we have a wonderful episode.

Gerben van Ommen, Joanne Brouwer
Joanne Brouwer, Gerben van Ommen
55 x 25

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