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Rail Away is a series about remarkable railways around the world. With the train acting as a guide, we traverse by a number of special locations.

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NEW Switzerland: Scuol – St. Moritz – Corviglia

Across snow and mountains. More...

“Across snow and mountains”

In this winter episode we travel through the Swiss Alps. Our journey starts in Scuol, a small town at the end of a narrow valley in Graubünden. We follow our route among mountain villages and through white valleys to the white mountains of St. Moritz.

In this region Graubünden, there are only trains of the Rhätische Bahn, you can recognize them at the red colour. Many high regions are very isolated and this can be a problem in the winter. But the perfect railways of the Rhätische Bahn are adapted to these conditions. To provide the railway from electricity was an outstanding prestation.

Because of the mountains there had to be built a lot of tunnels, viaducts and bridges. To keep it less expensive they built the railways more close to each other than normal railways, it is called narrow gauge.

Arrived in St. Moritz we go further with the cable cart into the mountains. This Corviglia railway was builded in 1928 because of the Olympic Winter Games that were held for the first time in St. Moritz that year. The Corviglia route was the break through for skiing in St Moritz.

Gerben van Ommen, Joanne Brouwer
Joanne Brouwer, Gerben van Ommen
55 x 25

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