Rail Away

Rail Away is a series about remarkable railways around the world. With the train acting as a guide, we traverse by a number of special locations.

Documentary - History, Human Interest & Society , Travel & Adventure

55 x 25

NEW Switzerland Bernina Express: Tirano (I) - Pontresina - Muottas Muragl

From palmtrees to glaciers with the famous Bernina Express. More...

“From palmtrees to glaciers with the famous Bernina Express”

In this snowy episode we follow the route of the famous Bernina Express. A Railway that is also on the Unesco list. After our arrival in Pontresina, we take the funicular railway to one of the most beautiful viewpointsin the Swiss Engadin: Muottas Muragl.

This episode we start in the Italian Pontresina. There we get into the Bernina Express, one of the most famous trains of the Swiss Zwitserse Rhätische Bahn. We go into the direction of the snow, but in this first part we have snowless views.

Just across the border in Switzerland there is the famous spiral viaduct at Brusio.

We arrive in the valley of Poschiavo, that we can only achieve over the 2300 high Bernina pass. The people in the valley have their culture, kitchen and architecture of their own. It is a Swiss and Italian mixture. The main language is Swiss. When we arrive in Alp Grüm the landscape has changed into white.

Right before Pontresina we see the Morteratsch glacier. In this episode we also make a special journey with full moon: the Vollmond-expres at the Bernina pass. From Pontresina we travel to Muottas Muragl where we have a extraordinary view on the mountains.

Gerben van Ommen, Joanne Brouwer
Joanne Brouwer, Gerben van Ommen
55 x 25

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