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The Mystery of MS

Neuroscientist Jeroen Geurts feels like he is walking through a dark forest as he searches for the cause of multiple sclerosis (MS). More...

Neuroscientist Jeroen Geurts has dedicated his career to finding the cause of multiple sclerosis, a brain disease affecting millions. He hopes to find a cure within ten years.

Unsure of what exactly he is looking for, his mission feels like wandering through a dark forest. Following his intuition, he searches in places others have neglected. Geurts says he is trying to find something which “language cannot yet grasp”, and emphasises the role of metaphors in this scientific field riddled with mysteries.

The Mystery of MS is part of Ammodo Docs, a series of short documentaries about original minds in arts and science.

Suzanne Raes
Ammodo Docs

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