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The Guts of the Neuroscientist

Trailblazing neuroscientist Eveline Crone takes us on an animated journey into the brain as she champions the scientific value of intuition. More...

What is intuition? And how can gut feelings influence science? Known for her extensive research in adolescent brain development, neuroscientist Eveline Crone proposes that intuition is an aspect of the mind worth studying and embracing. In her scientific career, her own gut feelings have often led the way to new insights.

In The Guts of the Neuroscientist, Crone takes us on a journey through an abstract landscape of morphing white lines as she contemplates the development and the future of neuroscience.

The Guts of the Neuroscientist is part of Ammodo Docs, a series of short documentaries about original minds in arts and science.

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