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5 x 34

Episode 3: Salt

Why do we like to eat salty things so much? More...

Why do we like to eat salty things so much?

Everyone has a pot of salt in the kitchen. Why do we like to add salt to our food so often? And where does it actually come from? Joël travels to the hottest place on earth: the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia. On this gigantic salt flat Afar nomads have been chopping blocks of salt by hand for centuries.

Meanwhile in the Netherlands salt is harvested my machines. In an enormous salt factory in Hengelo Joël witnesses how salt is no longer a valuable product, but still is pumped by the ton from the ground.

What does all of that salt do that we ingest with our food? Master Chef Angelique Schmeinck lets Joël experience what happens when for example you combine salt with sweet or bitter things. It is revealed that salt plays tricks with our taste buds in a surprising way.

5 x 34

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