Truus' Children

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Before and during WWII, the Dutch war hero Truus Wijsmuller saved the lives of thousands of Jewish children. More...

Documentary - History, Human Interest & Society

90', 60'

In the feature-length documentary Truus’ Children  a new resistance hero, the Dutch Truus Wijsmuller (1896-1978) is presented on the world-historic stage. Her story was almost completely hidden for 75 years but is brought to life by the memories of the courageous survivors who were saved with the help of Mrs. Wijsmuller. 

The directors dedicated over three years to research the complete story of this Dutch Oskar Schindler, a woman so dedicated, stubborn and convinced of her mission that she flew to Vienna in December of 1938 to negotiate a deal with Adolf Eichmann to let around 10.000 mostly Jewish children leave their birth countries and flee to England, some staying behind in Holland too. 

A total 23 of the children saved by Mrs. Wijsmuller were traced down and interviewed. They now live all over the world, some of them in Israel. Together with an authentic recording of an interview with Truus Wijsmuller after the war, a story about how to Make a Difference unfolds that the world needs to see.

Truus’ Children is an ode to the bravery of an extraordinary woman who dared to Make a Difference, and to the equally brave and resilient children she helped save.

Pamela Sturhoofd, Jessica van Tijn
Special Eyes Film Productions
90', 60'

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