Daddy's Day

Daddy's Day is a tragicomic series about six totally different men and their struggles with modern parenthood. Every Thursday, they gather around the sandbox in the park to boost each other’s morale.

Drama - Serie


Season 1 Episode 3: Perfect Parents

Thijs and Sadiq have decided to become fathers. But how to go about it? More...

Thijs and Sadiq have decided to become fathers. But how to go about it? Adopt, speed-date with intended mothers or strike a business-like deal with a professional Belgian surrogate mother? Several options are investigated but lead to nothing for now.

For the time being, Ronnie is focusing on the benefits of being self-employed and decides on an impulse to have a family pyjama day. When, at the end of the day, he finds that he has ten missed calls, he must get down to work after all.

Martijn feels that he has failed as a father when he discovers that he forgot to enrol Kofi at De Kleiheuvel, the best primary school in the neighbourhood. He starts to stalk the headmaster and as a result, he is banned from the schoolyard. There is a place for Kofi at De Groene Klaver, but Martijn doesn’t want him to go there, as it is a so-called ‘black’ school. He decides to set up his own school! This turns out to be more complicated than he thought and eventually, Merle goes to De Groene Klaver to enrol Kofi after all.

At the baby clinic, Bouzian is told that Fader’s weight and growth are lower than expected. Rest, cleanliness and regularity is the motto, but Bouzian is not ready to adhere to that yet. He continues to lead his hip and trendy life, until Fader disappears without a trace during a festival. Fortunately, Bouzian finds his son at the lost and found. Bouzian has second thoughts and decides to accept the help offered by his parents-in-law.

Louis is suffering from being a fulltime father and has difficulty accepting the change in his relationship with Alice now that they are parents. Bouzian says that he should be happy to have a woman who takes responsibility and provides for them as well. Louis decides to surprise Alice with an old-fashioned romantic dinner at their favourite restaurant. There, Alice confronts him with stories she has heard at work about his discharge, which was far from honourable. Their romantic night out ends in a big row.


Sia Hermanides, Alieke van Saarloos

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