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In the shadow of a church two men, Marc and Rick, are assaulted at night. Random violence? More...

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In the shadow of a church two men, Marc and Rick, are assaulted at night. Random violence? A gay bashing? A filmmaker and a detective both try to uncover what really happened. Why do the victims refuse to file a report? Just how many issues remain undisclosed in this religious community?

Two men are assaulted late at night. Filmmaker Esther, victim Marc’s sister, sets out to make a reconstruction with interviews and fictive elements to come to an understanding of what happened. In Esther’s reconstruction, detective Narin leads the investigation into the assault that took place in the small town. Remarkably, none of the victims want to file a report and consequently, the perpetrators threaten to get away with their crime unpunished.

Narin discovers the reason why no report is filed: Marc struggles with his feelings for Rick, an attractive caregiver who takes care of his grandfather. Marc is married to the American Christy and together they have a child. His love for Rick falls completely out of line with his marriage, his family, church community and ideas on how life is supposed to be lived. Despite the taboos, Marc falls for Rick as he is not able to repress his true feelings and desires. His friendship with Rick grows into a loving affair.

One night, they are filmed kissing
in secret. The video spreads like wildfire through the village. Quickly a group of youngsters gathers and they confront Marc and Rick. The mood quickly turns grim the two men are verbally and physically assaulted. Marc manages to escape while Rick, severely wounded, ends up in the hospital.
After the attack, Marc suffers from severe depression. His misery becomes even worse when Christy and his parents discover the footage of him kissing Rick. The ties with his wife, family and church community threaten to be severed. Marc sees no way out and he struggles with suicidal thoughts.

In an associative narrative in which documentary, fiction and
making of come together, the film untangles the men’s struggles. Eventually we discover Esther’s purpose: through her film, she wants to offer perspective by giving a hopeful ending to Marc’s story.

Jelle Brandt Corstius
Family Affair Films

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