Wrong Track

When Ron’s granddaughter goes missing, the retired detective tries to stay clear from the investigation. However, as fear and uncertainty rise among his family and himself, Ron loses his patienc... More...

Drama - TV-Film


Wrong Track, produced by Family Affair Films, revolves around retired detective Ron. One night his fifteen-year-old granddaughter does not come home from hockey practice. In the following days he wants to do everything in his power to find her. But just what can he do now he is no longer an employed police officer?  

Frustratingly, Ron is only allowed to stand by and watch while his former colleagues conduct thorough forensic research to find out what happened to the girl. The process takes too long, at least from his point of view. The chance that his granddaughter will be found back alive seems to be slipping away as every second counts. Ron decides to do something he has never done before in his professional life: he breaks all privacy rules and tracks down convicted sex offenders in the area.

Ron’s fears turn real when he finds an ex-convict who lives next to the hockey field where his granddaughter’s team practices. Although a prior conviction does not proof the man’s involvement in her disappearance, Ron cannot wait patiently while stress and fear are making his family fall apart. He decides to confront the man – a step with far-reaching consequences…

Boris Paval Conen
Family Affair Films

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