KABAM! is all about common childhood fears. Everyone gets scared sometimes. This preschool drama series shows in a light-hearted way that there's a solution to anything.

Youth - Drama, Live-Action


Episode 3: Gym Wizard

Berith has forgotten her gym clothes at school so needs to wear something from the lost and found bin in the gym. She is afraid that she will be laughed at. With a little magic she still manages to co... More...

Berith (6) finds herself completely swept away by her teacher's storytelling. She continues to daydream long after the story has finished and it's time for gym class. All of a sudden, Berith realises she left her gym bag at school, so she has to wear gym clothes from the lost and found box. Berith wistfully stares at the dirty old clothes and picks out a shirt and an old pair of leggings, but fears she'll be laughed at. When she decides to put them on anyway, she uses her imagination to turn herself into a wizard! Brimming with confidence, she enters the gym and amazes her classmates.

Elisabeth Hesemans
Ijswater Films

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