My Parents Are Divorced

When everything that was familiar and safe suddenly changes because of a divorce... how do you survive that and tell your parents that you want to love both and not choose?

Youth - Documentary

4 x 15'

Semi Divorced

Although nine-year-old Levin's parents are divorced, they still all go on vacation together every year. This causes confusion for Levin. With the summer vacations in prospect, Levin sets out to invest... More...
Winner Best Shortfilm 6-9 Jury Kids Award - Lisbon International Children Film Festival 2023
Nominee UNICEF Special Prize 2022

The parents of Levin (9) are divorced, but Levin doesn't understand what that means exactly. Her parents do go on vacations together and visit each other often. Sometimes it seems as if they are still together. Things are very different with the divorced parents of her friend Hannelore: her parents do everything separately. With the summer vacations in prospect, Levin sets out to investigate. She gets help from a drawn wolf. Together they try to find out what exactly is going on between her parents.

Nina de Vriendt
Cerutti Film
4 x 15'

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