My Parents Are Divorced

When everything that was familiar and safe suddenly changes because of a divorce... how do you survive that and tell your parents that you want to love both and not choose?

Youth - Documentary

4 x 15'

Safiya The Movie

Safiya's (11) parents split up when she was young. Recently she started living in a blended family and she tries to restore the bond with her real father. Will she be able to give both fathers a place... More...
Winner Best Shortfilm 6-9 Jury Kids Award - Lisbon International Children Film Festival 2023
Nominee UNICEF Special Prize 2022

The parents of 11-year-old Safiya divorced when she was very small. Her father, who was in frequent contact with the police, has often been absent from her life since then. Something that has caused young Safiya much grief. Recently, however, her life has changed completely. Safiya's mother has a new partner and Safiya now lives in a new blended family. 

Safiya dreams to be an actress when she grows up. In Safiya The Movie, we follow her in her daily life wuth her new bonus family, while at the same time we see Safiya take careful steps to reconnect with her real father. These documentary scenes are interspersed with scenes where Safiya has written a film script of moments from her own life. Together with her bonus sister and her best friend, she tells us while acting the story of herself and the two father figures in her life. A difficult and damaged relationship with her own father on the one hand and a hopeful but still uncomfortable relationship with her stepfather on the other.

Huibert van Wijk
Cerutti Film
4 x 15'

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