Puppy Patrol 1

Puppy Patrol is a children´s t.v. series of approx. 23 minutes per episode, about the adventures that Mark (12) and Tessa (10) Bouwman have with the dogs that stay at their parents´ dog guest house. The dogs always bring their own stories, and that´s where our stories begin!

Youth - Drama, Live-Action

13 x 23

Episode 1: Bella, where are your puppies?

A beautiful beagle has been missing for months. More...

A beautiful beagle has been missing for months. Mark (Tom Hortensius) and Tessa (Maud van Haasteren) think they have found her. But the missing dog was with young and the pups are nowhere to be found. Have they perhaps been stolen? Mark certainly thinks so, and he is determined to track down the dog kidnapper before it’s too late…

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Annemarie Mooren
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13 x 23

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